jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014




At that time I was a college student on vacation spending sometime at the home of my grandparents in Cusco city. It was almost lunchtime, and I was delayed and worried because my grandparents liked punctuality. When I got home, I saw the neighbor outside; I greeted him and quickly entered the house. In the living room, I saw my father sitting reading, wearing his glasses.  After greeting him, I said ... "... I bumped into our neighbor at the door ... "and my father without looking up from what he was reading said:" ...he asked me to help him to get a job.... “Immediately I was outraged and said “... After how badly he's behaved towards you in the past.... are you going to help him? ..." My father slowly took off his glasses and looked up to me and said "... YES. I’m going to help him. What he did in the past is in his conscious. Now he needs a job to support his family, if I don’t help him, it would be on my conscience.... “He went back to his reading silently. A few days later he got the neighbor the job. And now I'm thinking....!  LESS is BETTER!